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TV Watching in the Wake of a Hard Day

Sicario wasn’t a very good movie at all but did hit the spot at the end of a long yesterday. It delivered a couple of mesmerizing action scenes, some excellent aerial shots of Southwest Texas, a scrap or two of inspired acting here and there, and good-looking Emily Blunt throughout.

That film helped my wind down. In late afternoon I taught a long faculty workshop so I was tired mentally, which is common. I shared a whiskey with my colleagues before heading home. One of the things that I’ve discovered about myself in recent years is that I am an introvert. Long exposure to groups of people, be this in seminar, lecture, parties, etc. drains me of lifeblood. Often I cannot even get into the frame of mind to work out, sleep, or do anything productive. I prefer any of these but I think I discovered yesterday that entertaining film or TV, ideally something that is not too profound or taxing, helps me to unwind. I got a good a good night sleep last night, too.

The other thing that I watched before nodding off was original Star Trek. I caught the “Balance of Terror,” (digitally remastered) and it was really cool and visually stunning. I had not taken in an old Star Trek in many years and I was delighted in particular with the writing. It’s going to be fun watching these, all dolled up now, from the beginning.



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