Grits and Tamales

Life in the Deep South, by Gabriel Aguilera

A Friend Asks a Question

Are your inquiries more external? (A) X is happening, how do I feel about that?

(B) Or internal, like why do I do Y?


I had never asked myself this question. My instant reaction was that I am a (B) sort. After a few minutes I thought, no, I think I am an (A) guy.

Now I’m not so sure. We all lean one way or another I suppose, but I think that (B) matters a lot more to me. I do dwell a great deal on the why I do what I do quite a lot. I sincerely hope that I am no Hamlet.

In conversation, I noted too how sitting down with my pen and paper journal helps me to work through things that get deeply under my skin, stuff that can plague one over time. This discovery is relatively recent. Working the thing out in ink, the underlying “why” I’m upset, is good therapy. This process then let’s me put the episode into the basement.


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