Grits and Tamales

Life in the Deep South, by Gabriel Aguilera

The Philosopher’s Letter

I’ve known since I was a boy that I’m less intelligent than most. I am, however, blessed with a hopeless addiction to reading beautiful things and have indulged this mistress since I was a teenager.

Even during professional and personal hard times, I never ceased to indulge my craving for great works of literature, for history and poetry.

My small brain is crowded with gorgeous sentences and poetry, magnificent and sordid characters conjured by some of humanity’s most eloquent authors, and countless cultures and places that encompass human history, real and imagined.

I have roamed the great plains of my favorite books and plays over and over again.

I am only now beginning to grasp the philosopher’s letter wherein he writes to his friend that in the evenings he puts on his regal robes to converse with the great characters of history, to learn from them the art of statecraft.

In this blog I will more regularly share some of my favorite conversations, the scenes, sentences, and characters that fill and delight my crowded and small imagination.

Now, to an extent I have been doing this already. But I did want to say that I will do so more assiduously. Mostly because I want to leave behind a journal of the treasures I have enjoyed.


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