Grits and Tamales

Life in the Deep South, by Gabriel Aguilera

See the Uncut “Dawn of Justice”

I saw the Uncut Batman v. Superman “Dawn of Justice.” It got panned by the critics but my movie maven nephew, Vincent Aguilera, insisted that I see it. He was, as he almost always nearly is with respect to movies, correct in his assessment. It is fine film masquerading as one of the latest litany of superhero flicks. It is a dark, layered, and complex visual narrative with an excellent script. Superman is not at all straightforward and Batman is Frank Miller’s classic brooding vigilante, played with nuance and feeling by Mr. Affleck. The humor is dark, the men are manly, and the women are tough, gorgeous and palpable. Rent it at home and have 2-3 of your favor drinks ready. On a warm summer evening in Los Angeles, mine were ice cold Victorias with two of my best childhood buds.

These two were magnificent but the entire film was well casted:


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