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June 22: A quote

This could be Cervantes, but it is not: “Never forget that the truest luxury is imagination, and that being a writer gives you the leeway to exploit all of the imagination’s curious intricacies, to be what you were, what you are, what you will be, and what everyone else is or was or will be, too.” –Andrew Solomon (Note: The essay is advice for writers that I need to revisit.)


Louis Hartz: The Liberal Tradition in America

Here is an excellent review of Louis Hartz, “The Liberal Tradition in America,”on the fiftieth anniversery of its publication. This is a hard hard book and still do not understand too many of the references that Hartz makes. Nonetheless, it was an extremely important and formative book that motivated me to study US foreign policy and politics. For me, even today, it helps answer America’s unfavorable views of social revolutions. The answer lies in understanding Lockian liberalism in America. America, he argues, was born free and therefore cannot understand nations that have to become so through revolution.

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