Grits and Tamales

Life in the Deep South, by Gabriel Aguilera

Closet Trumpistas

Closet Trumpistas are getting easier to spot. These tend to be educated and good-hearted Whites who love tacos and are doing well economically. They love the military, their guns, and they go to church. They are not inveterate racists; however, they are uneasy with race and gender diversity as well as rapid change. They want the 1950s back albeit without Jim Crow. They still love President Bush even though they understand that he badly bungled Iraq and Afghanistan. Although they reject humanitarian interventionism they are in fact neoconservative and aggressive, eager for us to seek out monsters that would harm America. They believe the nation has gone off the rails economically and is not respected in the world despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. President Obama still cannot be trusted, they feel, because deep down he is a liberal radical who, if given a chance, would come and take their guns. They will stay home because they don’t trust Clinton. We might also call them The Sons of Sam Huntington.


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