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The Real and Lasting Importance of Robin Williams

They say that over a lifetime only a short list of books give us anything of real and lasting importance. One might say the same thing about films. Dead Poet’s Society mattered a lot to me when I was a young man, a senior in college to be exact, and probably something to do with why I became a teacher. I was at the time suffering from some real bad depression that runs in my family. The movie cheered me up and I was not the same person after seeing it because it distilled down into a pretty tale the importance of the literature and poetry that was keeping me sane. Thanks big guy for your excellent performance in that film. RIP.


Arkangel now on

Happiness is when you notice that all of Arkangel’s Shakespeare collection has been added to I really enjoyed the ones I have heard. I think the Henriad is astonishingly good as is Julius Caesar. Almost all of the performers are Royal Shakespeare peeps. These performances are real treasures. The text for all the plays can be found at MIT’s Shakespeare Collection.

Arkangel Shakespeare

A Hoary Electrical Post



There is an electrical post across the street from Cafe Louisa, right in front of the Capri Theatre. It is a sad-looking dour old post, weathered by so many storms and the sultry Alabama sun. Like an old hapless arm a street light juts out askance from it right beneath three cylindrical tanks that appear to be essential for the task of lighting up the local establishments. These┬áinclude El Rey Burrito, fresh Alabama-Mex cuisine; the unpretentious Stonehedge Art Gallery; and Sinclair’s restaurant, which has graced Cloverdale for more than twenty years. At the top of the post two proud Ts bear wires as do several knotted nodes. The latter feed fuel to the businesses on either side of the street, including Cafe Luisa where I sat procrastinating yesterday morning admiring the view.


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