Grits and Tamales

Life in the Deep South, by Gabriel Aguilera

“The pain passes, but the beauty remains”

This was my favorite movie last year. I watched it on the big screen in Los Angeles and enjoyed it immensely. The cinematography was rich and full of natural beauty . Christa Theret was the perfect muse for father and son.  Next time it makes an appearance at the artsy fartsy theater near you do go and see it. You won’t be disappointed. You can check out an excellent collection of his work on line here. On smart & sexy French flicks that came out last year, read this.

Also, I think the Renoir quote is missing two important elements. It is not only the pain that passes, despair passes too.  And it is not just the beauty that remains, love does so as well.

renoir2chaise1900_grand[1] grdnu07_grand[1] Renoir The Bather, 1888, oil on canvas. The_Large_Bathers


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