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Life in the Deep South, by Gabriel Aguilera

Training Update: 11.5 Weeks to Go…

Until a couple of weeks ago I mostly focused on base-building and stretching out the distances in the pool and on the run. I have endured several minor setbacks, minor injuries and stress related issues. I have transitioned now to interval and tempo-type training during the week with long sessions during the weekend. The long sessions will either be a swim followed by a ride or a ride followed by run.  These are not  tempo type activities. These long workouts will gobble up the chunk of a day.

I will in the next couple of weeks find out if I’m prepared to endure the type of training I will need to do during these next 11.5 weeks on the way to the finish line. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll make it. The good news is that I’m holding up physically. I’m not struggling with any major issue at the moment.

Today was a good day. I rode 87 miles and jogged 3 miles afterwards. I got it in my head during the ride that I would try to jog 6 miles but then thought better of it.  At the moment, I need to add running mileage with care. Two things scare me about preparing for this event. One is getting injured running. The other is that swimming in the pool, fitness aside, is not doing anything to prepare me for a long swim in the ocean surrounded by other swimmers and all the weirdness that goes with that. I’ve identified a half-iron man in Tennessee in late September. If all goes well, I should be overprepared to complete that comfortably.


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