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Life in the Deep South, by Gabriel Aguilera

Training Log #1, June 2, 2013

Recently I gave this advice to a friend:

“Learn to like hills — pop it into an easy gear and think of the goodness that comes from climbing.”

Late last fall I decided that I would brave a grueling triathlon and the quote above is now my mantra. I have been plodding to try and get my middle-aged body in shape and find myself staring at my November 4, 2013 with joy and trepidation.

Where am I at?  On the negative side of ledger, I am much too heavy with only 5 months left to train, including a 10 day taper leading up to the event.  Diet becomes extremely important going forward, since I need to shed roughly 3lbs per month. Also, I have not cycled enough to this point and have not done so because I’m comfortable on the bike, though it will be a real challenge to get my average mph up. The focus has been on running, because I’ve been cautious about extending my long jogs because of injury-risk.  Swimming worries me too, because of a bad right shoulder and because it’s not something I have done systematically in the past (like cycling and running).  Also, I’ve only swam out in the open ocean a couple of times and was anxious doing so.

On the positive side of the ledger, I should be able to complete the event if I can stay healthy, control my food and booze, and stay on track with training and regular rest.  I have been training for the last six months, mostly focusing on building a running and swimming base since these are the weaknesses. 6+ hours on a bike doesn’t worry me in the slightest (but it is terrifying to think about this in the wake of a brutal ocean swim). Running is coming along as is swimming. The task for the next 21 weeks is to begin to stretch out the long days on each event; incorporate speed workouts; and incorporate transition workouts to get the body used to doing one event right after the other. I estimate, conservatively, that if I were to taper and rest that I could swim an hour and 15 mins, ride for 3 hours, and run for an hour at a half at an easy moderate pace. These is not a bad base to kick off the 21 remaining weeks and get to the finish line.

My hope though, is not just to finish the thing.  I hope to do it under 15 hours. (2.5 hr swim, 7.0 bike, and 5.5 hr run).



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