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Life in the Deep South, by Gabriel Aguilera

Letter to my nephew Luis Alegre

[My nephew Lewis, who is 13, got on his mom’s FB and wrote me a little note.  He is a frustrated Angels fan.  See below.  I wrote him back and figured I should hang on to the note]


Dear Luigi,

Yes, I can imagine it has been a difficult year for Angel fans. Trust me, it has been worse for Red Sox fans. Also, think about your poor mother. She cheers for the Dodgers — the laughing stock for all of professional sports. But the season is not over. Knowing the Red Sox as I do, they will continue to torture all the way until Thursday. You grew up watching the Sox during their good years. I became a fan when things were bad a long time ago. Right around the time your mom and dad got married.

Your mom keeps me posted on your football and baseball activities, though not as much as she should. Do enjoy your sports and never forget that being a student is also a top priority. One of the great joys of life that awaits you is college, where you might or might not have the opportunity to play sports at the varsity level. Going to an excellent college should be your dream and your hope. This means Stanford, Berkeley, or Pomona College should you decide to stay in California.

Now that I mention Stanford, make sure you watch their games this season. Their quarterback, Andrew Luck, is one of the finest quarterbacks you will ever see. This is my third year watching him and he really is unique at this stage of his career.

Ok, I have to run now. Be a good boy & listen to your mom and dad. Get straight A’s! For every straight A & A- report card your parents show me I’ll get you something special. Deal?

Tio Gabe.

From Luis to Gabe:

Tio Gabe,

It has been a honor being an angel fan this season and competing in the wild card with your team. Despite our efforts we will probably lose and you guys will compete. Let me remind you though that our team doesn’t have players with multimillion dollar contracts so that’s why I will hold my head up high and say your team is the better one and good luck getting passed the Yankees rangers tigers and if you get that far the Phillies. From, Your Angel Fan For Life Nephew Louis


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