Grits and Tamales

Life in the Deep South, by Gabriel Aguilera

John Hall 50 Mile Ride

John Hall 50 Loop by gaofla67 at Garmin Connect – Details.

The link above maps where I rode today.  It was a brutal ride.  The folks I pedaled with were much fitter than me and I paid the price.  All was well through mile 37 or so and then I got cooked, quite literally.  As we headed towards the our midway stop at a country store, the heat was wearing on me pretty good.  I felt myself overheating.  I knew I was in trouble because I had to force down fluids and a small sandwich I brought with me.  This is a bad bad sign and I was more than a little bit concerned.  But after a few minutes rest in the shade I felt better.  I hung in with the group for another 10 miles or so when I finally bonked.  There was short cut back to the car that I unwisely eschewed.  Instead, I followed a group that actually picked up the pace.  I hung in for a bit before I tanked and got dropped.  I limped all the way back to the car.

The folks — who I had just met that morning — were kind and kept me within eyesight to make sure I got back to the car.  Here I must note that I have now ridden with cycling groups in several places, including L.A., Boston, Chico, and Mexico City.  Cyclists in general are friendly and supportive.  Montgomery cyclists are the nicest I have ever encountered.   The worst, let it be said, are those in Mexico City.  They are elitist snobs (mamones) who deserve the awful riding they get in that city.

The stop at the country store was weird.  There was a cute albeit depressed white goose in a small cage in the sun.  The water was bad and it had no food.  One of the lady riders got a water hose and poured lots of water into its bowl and hosed her down.  The goose, thoroughly enjoying herself, quacked with relish and took in fresh water.  I shared some of my sandwich with her though it was clearly more thirsty than hungry.  We were all delighted to perk up the bird’s day though we were all disgusted with the careless owner who had left her out to suffer.


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